självmål   en modell

Mothers clothes (in Swedish)
video 1997
02:59 min

Own Goal
video 1998
musik: Janis Joplin/Piece of My Heart
02:59 min
a modell
charcoal animation 2003
music: Matmos/Memento Mori
03:45 min
pärekorgen     en modell
out of the potatobasket
charcoal animation 2004
music: Carin Blom



...almost like one of the family
charcoal animation 2007
music: Carin Blom
10:17 min
Svara Mig Du
HD video 2013 (in Swedish)
song: Ann-Louise Hansson
03:06 min



Homesick Blues
11:48 min
voiceover in Swedish